Press release December 2018 

We thank everyone for your financial support in getting the ambulance - as the final step for door-to-door sterilization of dogs, after registrer and chipping.

For practical and financial involvement, car registration with export numbers, preparations of the transport to the country, we thank TASSO e.V. Germany, Mrs. Petra Zipp for practical advice and information on the project, as well as Project Coordinator Mr. Marin Bleidner - for the support prior to Berlin in order to finalize the ambulance acquisition documentation, accompanying and aiding until the actual completion of the registration with export numbers and necessary legal authorizations.

The diaspora we met impressed us with solidarity.

Reported to our 8-year activity with direct impact on field reality, we found that due to the following factors the uncontrolled breeding of dogs persists:

- Abusive legislation that does not specifically specify the responsibilities of the authorities and the punishment of not applying them (See vaccination and registration for free negotiation with your doctor)

- Insufficient existing legislation that does not sanction pet owners who do not microchips, record and sterilize the pet. It does not punish doctors and authorities that do not apply the national program and the imposed rules.

- Population poverty in the rural environment does not allow the access of veterinary services consisting of pet microcipation, registration and sterilization - expensive services in relation to the minimum income for the economy

- Lack of access to veterinary services for pet animals - and when these services exist, they are poor quality in relation to the prevailing veterinary specialization in the area - hares, pigs, cows, horses etc.

- Lack of moral and legal responsibility - as effective punishments - of the pet owner and the inability of the ellected politicians to impose themselves to the electorate.

- Lack of education and information in the field even if the ministry of education does not involve the above mentioned, both in school and in the family;

- "Tradition" specific to the rural environment to bring unwanted puppies and kittens to cities, in fairs or to throw them off to road, as a cheap and efficient method of getting rid of the "individual" problem, with a direct impact on the community.

We understood that the only way to close this "tap" is the set of operations consisting of free chipping, registration and sterilization for pet owners in rural areas and beyond, within a mobile cabinet. Of course, if the authorities apply the anti-rabies vaccine free and compulsory according to legislation, will radically ease our action.

As a result, although we currently have an ambulance, we need all the support for the future spendings on this project, especially as we estimate that our existing resources will be consumed on the costs of registration and obtaining the necessary authorizations to move from point to point the legal view of the project, so that the final result may be small in relation to the desired effect.

Taking into account the involvement of Tasso e.V. for over 4 years. Germany and READC-Turda for chipping and full recording of the Lalosu and Maciuca (the doctors applying the rabies vaccine) and the annual presentation of the pupil's educational alphabet, we need to support in finalizing this project in these areas for neutering the already chipped and registered dogs and opening new workplaces in Valcea County, thus limiting the suffering and abandonment of pet animals, while also closing the financial access to the public funds of the incompetent authorities in the region.

In the realization of this project, we have been helped by the legal clarifications brought by the decisions made in court by R.E.A.D.C.-Turda, stating the right to subsidized anti-rabies vaccine, unconditioned chipping and registration incurred by the owner, as well as the sentence that allows of the sanitary-veterinary authorization of a mobile clinic by a non-governmental organization.

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Kindly yours,

NGO TEAM “A DOUA SANSA” Ramnicu Valcea